About Us

Meet Vicki and Effy … they are a couple of good ol’ chooks who know a lot about chooks.

Come to Kios Fine Foods and let them introduce you to a new way of thinking about poultry.

Make sure you try the house specialty – Effy’s famous de-boned chickens – the family will love it !

What customers say about us

Let me just say, I was completely blown away by the attitude from both you girls. To me it was like stepping back in time to my childhood in the 50’s and 60’s where people who ran businesses were polite, friendly and only too willing to help. Where respect was a given. What a very pleasant surprise. Chris said you have only been open for eight weeks. I’m sure you will only go from strength to strength.

Having said that. Let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Bob Moran. As I said I was bought up during the 50’s and 60’s (born in ’49). Joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1966 as a fresh faces seventeen year old. Served for a total of twelve years plus three years as a Naval Active Reservist. In that twelve years part of my service was to Vietnam. I tell you this because both Chris and myself are members of two institutions. Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia (Macarthur region) and TPI Association (South Western Sydney region). TPI stands for Totally and Permanently Incapacitated. Unfortunately that is me. Not a badge of office I can assure you. I would rather have my health but we take what life throws at us.

Now… Chris is always saying I can make a novel out of any story. So I’ll defy what she says and get straight to the point.

These organisations are always looking for people such as yourselves who do what you do. It’s a great way of spreading the word not only to our two groups but to ALL members of both organisations throughout this great country of ours. With your permission I would like to pass on your information to both TPI Association and VVAA. Normally we would  ask if it were possible to give some sort of a discount to these members on producing identification as a member of one or both of these organisations, but that is entirely up to you. I have no hesitation in heralding to all your business. I was extremely impressed and I thank you. I can assure  you Chris and I will be back.


Bob & Chris

No wonder it is always been a pleasure to shop in your shop despite we live in Cremorne and long away from your shop.
Since you have opened the shop, it is always exciting for my family to visit Kios Fine Foods as a special treat because every product we bought from your shop so far has been well received and eaten by our family members.
We know we will never go wrong with your fresh products and smiley faces in the shop. It is worth of every kilometre and cent we drive and spent because we know we will not go wrong with Kios Fine Foods. We have never met your parents, but we can salute and respect them to pass the knowledge of chicken products and customer service to their daughters.

As long as you keep the same quality and friendly service we will travel from far away to your shop to enjoy buying everything we have been enjoying so far.

Please keep up the good work.